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Johnny McMillan (CAN) is a choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. Graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy, he began dancing with Hubbard Street 2 (2010) and was later promoted to the main company, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (2012). During that time, he co-founded an interdisciplinary performance arts collective, The Rainbow Body Project, that focused on transformative experience through personal excavation. Leaving Chicago, McMillan joined The Royal Swedish Ballet (2015), as part of the contemporary division and made a similar move to Staatsballett Berlin (2018), Currently, he is a freelance choreographer, as well as a dancer with L-E-V Dance Company (2023).

Freelancing, he worked with Gleich Dances (2008), Sasha Waltz and Guests (2018), and Jefta van Dinther (2020). As well as, touring with Alessandra Ferri during the “Evolution” gala in Italy and dancing Mats Ek’s Juliet and Romeo for the “Dialogues” tour. Throughout his time performing, he was able to work with artists such as Sharon Eyal, Wim Vandekeybus, Jefta Van Dinther, William Forsythe, Alejandro Cerrudo, Alonzo King, Robyn Mineko Williams, Sasha Waltz, Ohad Naharin, Alexander Ekman.

As a choreographer, McMillan has created work for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Hubbard Street 2, Visceral Dance Chicago, The Juilliard School (senior showcase), The Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm 59 North, Staatsballett Berlin and has produced his own independent work. Most recently, he has done Movement Direction for Calvin Klein and consulted for Daniil Simkin in the show Sungazing (2022) featuring music from the sonic entity LABOUR. His collaboration with the band Niki and the Dove (2019) for their show “Tigern och Svanen” served as a catalyst for his current explorations on the physical body; working with notions of submission, repetition, empathy, dizziness, love, connectivity, care and softness. His second work for Staatsballett, Oh Captain (2022), further solidified his approach not only to the physical body but as well to the emotional;
deepening his practice as an abstract artist. 


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